with Executable innovation and Affordable engineering

R&D Startup

Infiney Technologies Pvt. Ltd is a R&D Startup With Vision to Invent more Adaptive & Sustainable Technologies, those doesn't disturb/destruct the mental and physical states of species.

Science is Art

that's what we believe 

Our Interests

Industrial Mechatronics

We primarily focuses on Small Scale Process Automation, Assembly Robotics and Machinery

Interactive mechatronics

We develop Interactive Robotics and support systems to work along side humans. simply seamlessly

Software engineering

We develop AI based systems, digital platforms and IoT Integration frameworks

We Design
We Develop
We Commercialize 

We primarily works on development of technologies rather than commercial products or services.

Our Public Projects

Smart loom and
Hyper loom

Meant to revolutionise premium textile industry with highly configurable and advanced loom systems. Smart loom is designed as an assistive automation for handloom sector and hyper loom is for high throughput applications like machine farms, factories etc. more details will be revealed soon, after the completion of patenting process.

Machine farm framework

In the age of automation controlling tens of complex machines is the crucial task. Machine farm framework designed to do the same, which facilitates complete control over smart machines from centralised governance unit integrated with AI and advanced dashboard tools. primarily designed for smart and hyper looms and can be adapted to wide range of applications.



An Exclusive ecommerce platform for premium textiles, primarily sarees that too direct from weavers at fractional costs. designed for both B2C and B2B.

  • Direct from weavers
  • For Users and Resellers
  • Advanced selling options
OMS : Operational Management System

OMS initially designed for companies with field operations to support, supervise and monitor the sales, service and marketing activities from centralised system with field executives, managers and administration with advanced analytics, real-time data and communication channels etc.

Later, it was redesigned to work with project management and resource management and can be adapted to other tasks as well.

We don't follow formulas

We experiment the concepts, either engineering or management \\
Using Brains >>

Executable Innovation

we imagine the possibilities at minute level and dares to design optimised solutions with more efforts into pre-development, design analysis and testing.

Affordable engineering

we know our limits, so we plan and implement our ideas considering the resources, thus optimising the process at most economical model

What Infiney Has?

We had nearly 3 years of expertise in conceptualizing, designing, prototyping, failing, correcting and succeeding.

We had a great network of engineers, software developers, freelancers, sales/marketing executives, vendors, fabricators etc.

We had capability to develop a product or service

Software development

From server management to backend dev.], data integrations,  Machine learning and client apps.

Electronics and Mechanical components

From simple Arduino based projects to advanced processor based custom boards and software integrated systems

Product conceptualization and design

From idea to brainstorming, conceptualization, analysis, design , prototyping and actual development 

Design and Development

Had a product or service idea, contact us. we can have conversation and work on taking the idea into reality. At Infiney we can work on mechatronics, software development and management;

Infiney COM

Infiney COM is for our collaborations in commercial projects and our own commercial ventures. even the research and development is our primary objective, we do work on commercial venture to fund our research ventures

Infiney SOCIAL

Infiney SOCIAL is our mission to educate high school students on the topics of technological advancements, career opportunities and possibilities in the fields of science and engineering. simply to create some awareness on R&D.

Some FAQ

Infiney Technologies Pvt. Ltd is a R&D Startup With Vision to Invent more Adaptive & Sustainable Technologies, those doesn't disturb/destruct the mental and physical states of species

No, Infiney is Exclusively dedicated for Research & Development. Here We strive to Discover the Possibilities of Science and Design, Develop the Technologies, those makes greater impact on civilization.

We primarily focuces on Small Scale Process Automation, Assembly Robotics and Machinery, IoT, Machine learning and Software Solutions.

Generally, We dont showcase our technologies and prefered to work low key. Till now we're working on own projects and with clients in closed circles

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Infiney Technologies Pvt. Ltd is a R&D Startup for Industrial and Interactive mechatronics

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